Repair & Restoration

Antique Restoration

Kathryn also uses her high level of training and skill to restore and renovate modern and antique glass. Work is produces for private individuals, antique dealers, insurance companies and auction houses.
Work undertaken include grinding and polishing out chips in the rims of cruet bottles, blowing and cutting replacement decanter stoppers and reproducing small blue liners for silverware.




Chip removal  / blend (rim)                  from £7.50
 Stem repair (cut, blend and bond)        from £12.50
Scratch removal                                   from £6.00

For all replacement bespoke crafted pieces please email us at least 3 digital photographs of the item to be made
along with the dimensions in order for Kathryn to give you an accurate costing 

All work undertaken by Kathryn Roberts MA(RCA) Glassblower and Cutter with 25 years experience.

All jobs considered, free quotes. 
Group visits & tours by arrangement only. Numbers & times limited. Talks & Presentations also by arrangement.