The workshop is compact but fully comprehensive with good natural and artificial light (daylight bulbs).
Some areas of the workshop have a restrictive ceiling height.
Workshop floorspace: 8.5 x 6.5 meters.

Please note
The gate glassworks is currently only available for cold processing hire to suitably qualified makers on a daily basis - please contact us for hire rates, terms & conditions and availability.
Hot Shop
     Making area 1                                    


  Glass Furnace
  Cerama 50L (natural gas)
  non-lead Studio III premelted cullet
  Pot holds around 120 kilos
  Glass making Bench  
  Standard size with movable tool stand

                          Glory hole                                                                                                                                                 

  Glory Hole
  MRJ Auto Ignition. Collar Diameters 10, 20 & 30cm



  Annealing Oven / Lehr 
  Internal Chamber Size 70cm x 70cm 70cm

  Internal shelving 3 tiers, two half shelves per tier
  Half shelf 30 x 60cm


                                                                                                                                                                                         clour warmer kiln
  Colour Kiln
  Rhode Top Loader with Bentrup
TC Program;

  Internal Chamber Height 23cm, Diameter 33cm        



Other equipment include various sized stainless steel Essence blowing irons, pontils and gathering irons as well as a small metal Marver (dimensions 35cm x x60cm - height 80cm)
Finishing & Cold Shop Equipment


  Gyson Model Formula F2600 Blast Cabinet
  Chamber dimensions
  h:770mm, w:1070mm, D:760mm

  Model F41 Dust Collection Unit
  120/150 aluminium oxide blast media


cutting lathe
  Cutting lathe sink & work benches
Batisti Double ended Torino Tipo T2.
  Standard 1"bore Mandrels.
  Diamond Cutting Wheels 6” x 1 ½”
  Radius Wheels, 100, 360, 600. 

  Flexi-band Drum 15cm x 4cm with diamond bands:
  Green-60, Black-120, Red-200, Yellow-800 grit bands.

           poloshing lathe 
  Polishing Lathe
  Batisti Double ended Torino Tipo T2.

  Cork Wheels &Pumice.
  Felt Wheel & Cerium Oxide.
Flat Bedsx2 
Flat Bed Grinder  Essemce Flat Mill SP- 5. 600mm Cast Iron Wheel. 80 & 120Carburundum Grit. 
Diamond Grinder Batisti Mini Plano machine with 250mm diameter plate. Interchangeable magnetic diamond
disks: Green-60, Black-120, Red-200, Yellow-800 grit.